The Peter Justesen Furniture Department is dedicated to providing the best service possible to the diplomatic corps and is specialised in furniture for both official and private residences. We have access to a wide range of high quality furniture from well-known European manufactures.

We are specialised in complete furnishing solutions and will be able to assist you with everything from floor plans and sketches to sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, beds, storage furniture, carpets, lamps, office furniture and accessories.

We have customers from countries all over the world and each customer has their own ideas when it comes to furniture. We strive to meet every need and are able to deliver both classic, modern and contemporary furniture to ensure that you find furniture that matches your style. If you do not find what you are seeking in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then customize a solution that suits your needs.

We are proud to deliver to more than 160 countries and because of our excellent transport network and know-how, we can track the safe shipment of items from our warehouse to your private residence. We only use first class forwarders, which ensures safe and reliable deliveries worldwide.

Let the world of beautiful furniture inspire you and we will assist you in creating the perfect atmosphere in both your private home and where you meet and greet your official guests.

The Peter Justesen Furniture Department is at your service.

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